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Can anyone help me decide where I should spend the next four years of my life at?

* I should also add that I’m majoring in politics/political science. I’m planning on attending law school after I receive my undergrad. I’m wondering which school is best in terms of academics, overall college experience, and opportunities during and after life as an undergrad. Any other additional information would be helpful as well :)

  1. onlytheideal answered: go to UCSC! im goin there for pre-law/legal studies and plan to go to law school too. we can be study buddies :) hahahes
  2. jennmin answered: Depends which Min you want to go to school with :)
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  4. evua answered: UCSC All The Waaaay, Just Go Look At The Campus. Nuff’ Said.
  5. lunazblu answered: I recently had the same dilemma with the same schools! I chose UCSC (:
  6. daemonstrative answered: UCSC. Banana slugs all the way.
  7. alienmaylien answered: ucsc definitely. there’s tons of things to do inside and out of the school. San Francisco & stuff. plus its really pretty.
  8. dark4 answered: my latin teacher went to river side and he’s by far (opinion of every student whos ever had him) the best language teacher ive ever had.
  9. panicathedicksh0w answered: If you are more politically liberal then UCSC will be the best place in the world if you are not you will hate it. But it’s a great school :)
  10. nemsk answered: We have identical situations…oh my goodness! I’m considering between USF and UCSC though….choices, choices…
  11. sexwithnobabies answered: Ucsc. It’s a personal choice but I’m going with ucsc over all the schools I got accepted to.
  12. dearnightowl answered: I would consider the mascot.. :)
  13. dayummkidd answered: Santa Cruz, the campus and academics at Riverside aren’t that great compared to that of Santa Cruz
  14. sarahliz417 answered: I live close to Riverside. It’s a really boring place to go to college. I know that UCSC is ranked higher than Riverside academically :)
  15. amfl527 answered: ucsc. it is better ranked. and we are very politically active.
  16. sweetstuffz answered: ucr
  17. adieupenelope answered: Well…UCSC is a better school overall. I’m choosing UCSC over UCR. Going there Fall 2012.
  18. kev11n answered: I’m a polisci major at UCR, so I’m a bit biased. But I love it here at UCR and it outranks UCSC. UCSC has more politically active students.
  19. flowerchildlilyy answered: ucsc is as much better school, im going there next year :)
  20. briannadiane answered: i’m a poli major here at ucsc. it’s fantastic.
  21. meowfacemagee answered: UCSC. thats shouldnt even be a question.
  22. andytang93 answered: UCR :D
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